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Apps shown below are online, and run primarily in a browser.  
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 FREE mind mappers    
Users can... For free, you get...  Subscription US$
Connected Mind Share Full use $0
DRichard Mindmaps Work alone Full use $0
Graphmind Collaborate Full use $0
MindMup Collaborate Full use $0
Mind42 Collaborate Full use $0
Text2Mindmap Work alone Full use $0
WiseMapping Collaborate Full use $0
 Subscription mind mappers (with limited, free option)  
Visit the FREE
Visual Thinking Center
Users can... For free, you get...  Subscription US$ Collaborate 3 maps $6/month; $59/year plans.
Coggle Share Unlimited diagrams, images and downloads. No private maps. $5
Comapping Collaborate 30-day free trial $25/year
MAPMyself/Mapul Collaborate 3 maps; 2 users/map; export to jpg file $4/month; $11/3 month; $20/6 month; $36/year plans.
MindMeister Collaborate 3 maps; adverts. iPad, iPhone, Android, all free; For unlimited maps, plans range from US$72 - US$180/year.
Mindomo Collaborate 3 maps; adverts. Export limited to Mindomo file, txt and image. For unlimited maps, plans range from US$72 - US$324/year adverts-free.
Spicynodes Share Full use but with embedded Spicynodes logo $24/month; $149/month plans.
SpiderScribe Collaborate Unlimited maps, 3 private maps $5; $19; $25/month plans.
Webspiration Collaborate Trial only $6/month; various multi-license & educational plans.
 FREE diagrammers that can make mind maps, business diagrams, flowcharts, etc.
Users can... For free, you get...  Subscription US$
Diagramo Collaborate Full use and source code if desired $0 Share Full use $0
Flowchart (beta) Collaborate Full use $0
ProcessOn Collaborate, share Full use $0
 Subscription diagrammers (with limited, free option).  
Users can... For free, you get...  Subscription US$
Cacoo Collaborate 25 diagrams; limited sharing; export PNG. $4/month; $15/month plans.
Creately Collaborate 5 public diagrams $5/month individual; various multi-user plans.
DrawAnywhere Collaborate 30-day trial, 3 private diagrams. $30/year; $100/year 5 users; $180/year 10 users.
Gliffy Collaborate 5 public diagrams; 2MB image upload; adverts; gliffy logo. $5/month; $10/month plans.
Lovely Charts Collaborate (premium) Free trial only €29/year web version.
LucidChart Collaborate 5 Diagrams limited to 60 objects. Basic $5/month, Pro $9/month, 5 users $20/month
my.origramy Share Unlimited public diagrams for non-commercial use. $99 to use on 1 commercial site. $299 to use on unlimited sites. $679 devel vsn (source code)
Users can... For free, you get...  Subscription US$
bCisive Collaborate (Premium vsn) 5 connected boxes, no saving, no export $100/year; $150/year; $180/year plans.
Equation Map Share Full use $0
instaGrok Share Full use Ads-free, US$35/year
TouchGraph Share Use on specific sites such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook. Cost subject to project scale and negotiation.
WriteMaps Collaborate Full use $0
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