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Knowledge mapping for communities

Here's an interesting slideshow in which authors Simon Buckingham Shum and Alexandra Okada make a case for a move away from text towards knowledge or mind mapping presentation in a knowledge community. Their objective is to change cognition, no less.

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By analogy with overlays on geographical information, the authors see the many ways of visualizing information, knowledge, argument and evidence as a means to slow down discussion in full flood, and force reflection.

Knowledge Mapping for Open Sensemaking Communities

Favourite moment? This provocative (but I guess not-too-serious) idea for the search engines:
change cognition

The slide show looks a lot better if you click the link to view it full screen. Alternatively, you can download the PDF and view it off-line.

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I'm not sure how willingly all members of a specific knowledge community would make such a move. I know people who simply don't see the point of information diagrams. You might guess that I'm not one of them!

But we are rarely in a position to force a particular approach against the will of team members, much less community members.

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Roots of visual mapping

This is the start of a historical survey of visual mapping. It kicks off with one well-known classic example, and follows up with a very interesting map that has more recently come to my attention. I've written about origins of mind mapping before, but now I'm assembling samples. I've also mentioned elsewhere (see the comments) that I'd like to get samples of Idea Sunbursting that Dr. Perusek wrote to me about.

Here are the Knols on mind mapping

Here's a link to my main Knol entitled "Mind mapping". There are cross reference items on related terms as well.

I preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol.

Mindmapping for creativity

There's a lot to like in the (unrestrained!) enthusiasm this author shows for Mindmaps.

Mindmapping helps you be creative AND get things done

I've seen comments from people who have looked at mindmapping but never used the technique: "I never know what to do with the mindmap once I've got it." Well, here's one answer.

Mindmapping can remove creativity blocks

Here's a view of creativity worth reading. It mentions mindmapping only briefly but it does provide a hint to one of the ways around creative blockage. I've added one of my own at the foot.