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Here are the Knols on concept maps

Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Concept map". There are cross reference items on related terms as well.

He preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol.

The main Knol on Concept maps

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This was the main Knol on Concept maps now preserved at Freezepage

There were also two brief cross reference Knols:

"concept mapping": The process of making visual representations of knowledge in the form of diagrams, known as concept maps, that are used to evaluate or consolidate understanding, or capture knowledge. Concept mapping is widely-practised in educational establishments, as a way for students to enhance their understanding of a domain, and for academics to evaluate students' understanding of material that they are learning. It is also used by knowledge-management practitioners in business.

"concept mapper": Preparer of diagrams used to evaluate or consolidate

understanding, or capture knowledge. A generic term for a person who makes concept maps, or for software designed to support concept mapping on a computer.

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This is where it used to be:

but now you'll get an "Access denied" message from that link.

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Concept maps and web research

For me, web research and concept maps are a good pairing. As I research - I build a map. As I map - I realise new areas that need research.
This papers variously by Arguedas, CaƱas, Carnot, Carvalho, Dunn, Eskridge, Gram, Leake, Maguitman, Muldoon and Reichherzer have helped me to understand why, and see other possibilities.

Assessment by concept map

This piece discusses the nature of knowledge, the difficulty in measuring achievement in the three types of domain knowledge, and how concept maps offer one way of judging students' knowledge structure.

Framework for mind mapping

Here is a link to a set of free templates for many types of mind maps. This is good solid stuff, and if you have MindManager, there's no reason not to get it.
But if you don't have MindManager, well, there's still no reason to hold back - go and pick up the MindManager Viewer from MindJet's site. That is also free.

Knowledge mapping for communities

Here's an interesting slideshow in which authors Simon Buckingham Shum and Alexandra Okada make a case for a move away from text towards knowledge or mind mapping presentation in a knowledge community. Their objective is to change cognition, no less.

Visual mapping and recession-proofing your job

It looks like businesses are in for a tough time in 2008 and beyond. If your employer downsizes, how can you take steps to make sure you're one of the survivors?