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Here are the Knols on concept maps

Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Concept map". There are cross reference items on related terms as well.

He preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol.

The main Knol on Concept maps

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This was the main Knol on Concept maps now preserved at Freezepage

There were also two brief cross reference Knols:

"concept mapping": The process of making visual representations of knowledge in the form of diagrams, known as concept maps, that are used to evaluate or consolidate understanding, or capture knowledge. Concept mapping is widely-practised in educational establishments, as a way for students to enhance their understanding of a domain, and for academics to evaluate students' understanding of material that they are learning. It is also used by knowledge-management practitioners in business.

"concept mapper": Preparer of diagrams used to evaluate or consolidate

understanding, or capture knowledge. A generic term for a person who makes concept maps, or for software designed to support concept mapping on a computer.

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This is where it used to be:

but now you'll get an "Access denied" message from that link.

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