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Here are the Knols on concept maps

Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Concept map". There are cross reference items on related terms as well.

He preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol.

The main Knol on Concept maps

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This was the main Knol on Concept maps now preserved at Freezepage

There were also two brief cross reference Knols:

"concept mapping": The process of making visual representations of knowledge in the form of diagrams, known as concept maps, that are used to evaluate or consolidate understanding, or capture knowledge. Concept mapping is widely-practised in educational establishments, as a way for students to enhance their understanding of a domain, and for academics to evaluate students' understanding of material that they are learning. It is also used by knowledge-management practitioners in business.

"concept mapper": Preparer of diagrams used to evaluate or consolidate

understanding, or capture knowledge. A generic term for a person who makes concept maps, or for software designed to support concept mapping on a computer.

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This is where it used to be:

but now you'll get an "Access denied" message from that link.

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Writing, come what may

There's only a brief mention of mindmapping here, but it's obviously important to the author. Anyway, to me it's a great article on getting moving with writing. I hope you find it so, too.

Project estimating – Mindmaps are a tool in the armory

The key to getting something useful out of this article is to read the author’s title carefully. Mind mapping simplifies the process of project estimating -- it doesn’t simplify the actual task-time estimation. Every project manger knows that the work of a project must be broken into separate and manageable units for estimating. To look at a project and think “That’s about a week’s effort” is a recipe for frustration and missed targets. Mindmaps, spider diagrams and bubble charts are excellent for the first phase of breaking a project into manageable parts. For me mindmaps, as strictly defined by Buzan’s rules, are less suitable than spider diagrams for this type of analysis, but we can assume that Dr. Mariaraj is not being too strict in his use of the term below.

Tony Buzan has defined these "rules" for Mind Mapping:

I believe these rules are well worth following if you use mindmaps for learning. They are very hard to follow completely and rigidly - and its not worth trying I have found - if you use mindmaps in adult life, in your work or projects.

Who invented mind mapping

This comes up from time to time - usually in the form of "Buzan didn't invent mind mapping".

Underlying theory of Concept Maps

Here are links to important scholarly papers by Joseph D. Novak and Alberto J. Cañas on Concept Maps, their theory and construction.