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Software for mindmapping and information organization

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Software for mindmapping and
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This is the website-of-record for software that supports planning, creativity, knowledge management and information organization in visual form. Covers mind mappers, concept mappers, outliners, hierarchical organisers, KM support and knowledge browsers working in 2D and 3D. More...

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  Est.Vic Gee/2006, curated by Roy Grubb since 2013 
  From:  ApriorIT Inc.   Product:  Mind2Chart    Added:  2008-06-27
Screenshot mind mapping software Mind2Chart     Screenshot mind mapping software Mind2Chart    
What they say:  " Mind2Chart will turn discussion topics into tasks for plans with just a couple of clicks. This add-in will display them in the most popular way of graphical representation of projects - as Gantt chart.

Mind2Chart add-in allows to:

- Observe the whole scope of work in the project or a selected part of it.
- Set key dates of the project, schedule tasks.
- Set dependencies between tasks, automatically modify plans according to them.
- Allocate and manage all kinds of resources (e.g. human resources) for the project tasks, take into account resource limitations when planning.
- Detect problem tasks, "bottle-necks" of the project, critical path.
- Obtain reports about current status of tasks and resource allocation in the ready-to-print form.
- Estimate current project status and obtain information about project progress.

Benefits of Mind2Chart:

- Complete integration in MindManager Pro 7(r), no external applications required.
- Intuitive interface, all common project management tasks are covered with no redundant extra functionality.
- No additional information, Mind2Chart add-in operates only with information that is visible and editable within MindManager(r) interface. Other members of project team can work with the plan even without the add-in installed.
- Two-way instant synchronization with the mind map.

Such details as automatic time calculation, automatic taking into account task relationships and resource capacity, and also elements of analysis, representation of all obtained information on the chart, printable reports - everything that makes the planning process as easy and clear as never before.
Observations:  An add-on for MindManager to help in project management G+
Where:  http://www.mind2chart.com/
OS: Windows
Price:  USD79
Categories: Gantt charts
  From:  AquaMinds, Inc.   Product:  NoteTaker (Mac)    Added:  2006-06-18
Screenshot mind mapping software NoteTaker (Mac)    
What they say:  " Share your notebooks - anytime, anywhere
Sharing Made Simple
NoteShare is a powerful desktop application for creating, publishing and sharing media rich, multi-page notebooks. Users can instantly share their notebooks with other NoteShare users for presenting, viewing and editing information. NoteShare can be used in the same room, same building and globally for connecting anytime, anywhere."
Observations:  Outliner software G+
Where:  http://www.aquaminds.com/
OS: Mac
Price:  individuals has a list price of $150 (3 systems) and for family license, a list price of $200 (6 systems). Academic discount price is also available (requires qualification).
Categories: outlines
  From:  Argentum   Product:  Coolbase    Added:  2006-06-18
Screenshot mind mapping software Coolbase    
What they say:  " Argentum Coolbase is a versatile information organizer that can keep any kind of information in a tree outline database. It's an organizer with many applications in one body. It can serve you as a note taker, a diary keeper, a personal contact list, an address book, a text editor, and more. Save your money buying it all in one!"
Observations:  Outliner software G+
Where:  http://www.argentuma.com/
OS: Windows
Price:  US$35
Categories: outlines
Visual representation of knowledge

Here are some links to articles on the visual representation of knowledge by Sigmar-Olaf Tergan, an academic leader in the field

An overview of concept mapping

This is a 1997 article by Eric Plotnick, from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology Syracuse NY

Concept maps and web research

For me, web research and concept maps are a good pairing. As I research - I build a map. As I map - I realise new areas that need research.
This papers variously by Arguedas, CaƱas, Carnot, Carvalho, Dunn, Eskridge, Gram, Leake, Maguitman, Muldoon and Reichherzer have helped me to understand why, and see other possibilities.

Assessment by concept map

This piece discusses the nature of knowledge, the difficulty in measuring achievement in the three types of domain knowledge, and how concept maps offer one way of judging students' knowledge structure.

Framework for mind mapping

Here is a link to a set of free templates for many types of mind maps. This is good solid stuff, and if you have MindManager, there's no reason not to get it.
But if you don't have MindManager, well, there's still no reason to hold back - go and pick up the MindManager Viewer from MindJet's site. That is also free.

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