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Software for mindmapping and information organization

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Software for mindmapping and
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This is the website-of-record for software that supports planning, creativity, knowledge management and information organization in visual form. Covers mind mappers, concept mappers, outliners, hierarchical organisers, KM support and knowledge browsers working in 2D and 3D. More...

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  Est.Vic Gee/2006, curated by Roy Grubb since 2013 
  From:  Aepryus Software   Product:  Oovium    Added:  2014-03-14
Screenshot mind mapping software Oovium     Screenshot mind mapping software Oovium    
What they say:  " Oovium is not an attempt to rehash old outdated inventions, but it subsumes much of their functionality. The calculator, spreadsheet, concept map, programming language: Oovium is all of them and it's none of them.

Oovium is the first (but certainly not the last) of an entirely new class of app, the calculation sandbox. It has been made possible by the invention of the touch device and Oovium's clean, efficient and tactile interface, designed for such devices, has been part of its DNA since its inception.

At its heart, Oovium aspires to make powerful, sophisticated and complex abilities (such as those currently available only to programmers) accessible to a wider audience. Oovium understands that increasing accessibility does not mean dumbing down an application by hiding complex functionality, it means making that complex functionality understandable by creating explicit visual representations for it."

Observations:  This includes a mind mapping function; it is an intriguing, not to say revolutionary, app but it does have a learning curve. G+
Where:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/oovium/id336573328?mt=8
OS: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch
Price:  iPad+iPhone: $10
Categories: mind maps
  From:  AHG, Incorporated   Product:  Collaborative Knowledge Management (cKM)    Added:  2010-04-02
Screenshot mind mapping software Collaborative Knowledge Management (cKM)     Screenshot mind mapping software Collaborative Knowledge Management (cKM)     Screenshot mind mapping software Collaborative Knowledge Management (cKM)    
What they say:  " Collaborative Knowledge Management (or CKM) is a tool that helps you create company's knowledge base in a collaborative environment, engage employees and help them visualize complex processes or procedures by using interactive graphical interface. The system works as a graphical wiki-style knowledge base, where information is linked to flowcharts and diagrams illustrating business processes, procedures or structures. The flowcharts can be created and reviewed by a geographically dispersed team in a synchronous collaborative environment of Second Life, and / or individually on the web -- web and Second Life interface are completely compatible -- team members can migrate from one to another for creating, updating and reviewing information.

cKM utilizes drill-down approach: each container in the flowchart along with the text information, web links and landmarks (in Second Life) can contain other flowcharts."
Observations:  Alternative pricing: $1,500.00 one time fee if the web area / database is hosted on your network. G+
Where:  http://www.ahg.com/Second_Life/knowledge_management/
OS: browser based
Price:  $395.00 setup, $100 per month
Categories: 3D concept maps, concept maps, flowcharts
  From:  Aibase Creative Software   Product:  Aibase    Added:  2007-05-12
Screenshot mind mapping software Aibase     Screenshot mind mapping software Aibase     Screenshot mind mapping software Aibase    
What they say:  " Aibase is a Creative Data Manager. And to emphasize a special use:
Knowledge Builder, Brainstorming Tool, Learn Helper, Outliner, Vector Graphics Editor."
Observations:  Aibase G+
Where:  http://www.aibase-cs.com/
OS: Windows
Price:  EUR49
Categories: diagramming
Roots of visual mapping

This is the start of a historical survey of visual mapping. It kicks off with one well-known classic example, and follows up with a very interesting map that has more recently come to my attention. I've written about origins of mind mapping before, but now I'm assembling samples. I've also mentioned elsewhere (see the comments) that I'd like to get samples of Idea Sunbursting that Dr. Perusek wrote to me about.

Here are the Knols on mind mapping

Here's a link to my main Knol entitled "Mind mapping". There are cross reference items on related terms as well.

I preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol.

Mindmapping for creativity

There's a lot to like in the (unrestrained!) enthusiasm this author shows for Mindmaps.

Mindmapping helps you be creative AND get things done

I've seen comments from people who have looked at mindmapping but never used the technique: "I never know what to do with the mindmap once I've got it." Well, here's one answer.

Mindmapping can remove creativity blocks

Here's a view of creativity worth reading. It mentions mindmapping only briefly but it does provide a hint to one of the ways around creative blockage. I've added one of my own at the foot.

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