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Exchanging mind maps with VYM

This is one entry in the collection of information about how mind mapping software can communicate. Some packages have a built-in capability to import and export to other types of mind mapping software. Some software authors have kindly provided information about the format of their mind map or interchange files.
This is a starting point, from which this go-to source for interchange information, already substantial, will grow. Let me know about any new information, or any mistakes you spot: RoyGrubb [at] the above domain.

  Mind mapping software:

Using the information at the Sourceforge web page mentioned below to convert VYM
maps to FreeMind, only links, icons and colors are preserved.

  XML schema or file format description file:

The following XSLT converts an XML export file from VYM to FreeMind format. Using
this, only links, icons and colors are preserved. Here it is on Sourceforge and a local copy
of the XSL file

To implement a translation to another mindmapper, you may want to know of the
following entry from the manual, there is an appendix section, C4, that provides some

C.4 VYM file format
VYM maps usually have the suffix ".vym" and represent a compressed archive of data.
If you want to have a closer look into the data structure map called map name.vym,
just uncompress the map manually using
 $ unzip mapname.vym
This will create directories named images and flags in your current directory and also
the map itself, usually named map name.xml.The XML structure of VYM is pretty self
explaining, just have a look at mapname.xml.
This XML file can be loaded directly into VYM,it does not have to be compressed. If
you want to compress all the data yourself, use
 $ zip -r mapname.vym
to compress all data in your current directory.

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