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Company / Author[edit]

WiseMapping Corporation


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What they say[edit]

“Wise Mapping is the web mind mapping tool that leverages the power of Mind Maps mixing new technologies like vectorial languages (SVG and VML) and the power of the whole Web 2.0 concept. No pluggin required.

What can WiseMapping do for me?

Overall, users will be able to create a mind map anyywhere, read it from everywhere, whenever it’s needed. Once it’s done the features that distinguish WiseMapping appears: ‘Wise it’ linking documents to it, ‘Share it’ to anyone in the world. To do all this we have a powerful yet simple and intuitive editor to build the maps and lots of features (and upcoming features) that will help you use WiseMapping.”


This is not only free to use on their server online, but it is Open Source so you could install it on a server on your intranet to share with your colleagues.

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]

Browser based—— Price: Free  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2007-08-25

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