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What they say[edit]

“VISUAL CONCEPT is ‘Visual Thinking Software’; providing a medium for all kinds of creative and systems thinking. It enables ideas to be developed as a basis of planning, designing, authoring, organising, relating, mapping, scenario building and countless other activities.

It enables you to easily structure ideas and print them out, communicate them, transfer them and relate them to other visual maps with links to ideas expressed in any Windows environment. VISUAL CONCEPT helps you capture large amounts of information and create knowledge maps either as ideas occur to you or as they are extracted from audits, meetings, lectures or texts.”


This could not easily be considered mind mapping or concept mapping as it uses hexagons, but it does represent an individual approach. In May 2007, the last change to the front page of the site is marked Last modified: Tuesday, 09 September 2003.

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Price: GBP98; (Educational users GBP65)  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2007-05-28

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