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Company / Author[edit]

DevComponents LLC


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What they say[edit]

“Visualize decision trees, create mind maps and more with TreeGXTreeGX is a Windows Forms (WinForms) component for VS.NET that reveals the big-picture in your hierarchical data using cascading connections between topics, sub-topics and highlighting the path to selected topic. At a glance connections can be identified, paths discovered and data relationships grasped all in an easy to use format. Be sure to check out screen-shots from applications using TreeGX to get idea on how TreeGX can benefit your app.

TreeGX for Visual Studio.NET helps you present hierarchical data in different and visually engaging way. If you have been limited by visual appearance of standard tree control then TreeGX will spice up your application user interface, no doubt about it! Our customers report that users of their applications are excited and very pleased with fresh presentation of data provided by TreeGX”


This is a component for VS.NET developers to embed in their products, not a stand-alone product.

Their website[edit]

Operating System(s)[edit]


Price: US$350/developer  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2010-05-08

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