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'''Price''': Free, $5, $19 and $25/month plans.  |  '''Status''': Current  |  '''Date added''': 2012-01-16  
'''Price''': Free, $5, $19 and $25/month plans.  |  '''Status''': Current  |  '''Date added''': 2012-01-16  
[[Category:Current]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:concept maps]] [[Category:OS: browser based]] [[Category:OS: needs Flash]] [[Category:Embeddable]]
[[Category:Current]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:concept maps]] [[Category:OS: Browser based]] [[Category:OS: needs Flash]] [[Category:Embeddable]]

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Company / Author[edit]

Disarea, LLC


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What they say[edit]

“Unlike other mind mapping applications, SpiderScribe allows you to create free-style maps by connecting your stencils in any way. [In other words, it’s closer to a concept mapper than a mind mapper – Vic]

  • Text, images, files, events, etc.
  • SpiderScribe maps can combine elements like text, images, files, calendar events and geographic locations. More types of stencils will be added in time.
  • Stencils can be customized – images can be resized, the text can be formatted, etc.
  • Share and Collaborate
  • You can create public and private maps. Private maps can be shared with others and multiple people can collaborate on them at the same time.
  • Public maps can be viewed by anybody, without having to login into SpiderScribe.

Access from anywhere:

  • Your collection of maps is stored online and can be accessed from anywhere, through internet. All you need is a web browser (Flash plugin is required).
  • Embed maps into your website or blog
  • You can create public and private maps.
  • Embed SpiderScribe.net public maps into your website easily with our Embed Wizard.
  • You can modify the map size, zoom level, even the visual area position and generate the embed code in one click.”


A free account allows unlimited public maps and 3 private ones.

A US$5 personal account allows unlimited public maps and unlimited private ones.

A US$25 business account allows unlimited public maps, unlimited private ones and unlimited users.

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]

browser based | needs Flash

Price: Free, $5, $19 and $25/month plans.  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2012-01-16