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Company / Author[edit]

Jamie Hillman


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What they say[edit]

“Mindless is a mind-mapping and organiser tool that I have developed for organising myself!

In order to install Mindless you will need Python, Qt, Sip, PyQt and QScintilla. Instructions for obtaining these packages are given below, according to platform. Currently these requirements limit Mindless to GNU/Linux but a non-commercial windows edition of Qt is expected soon and so Mindless should run on M$ windows soon. Also a screen resolution of 1024x768 or above is preferable”


Very basic bubble-diagrams software. By the end of Feb 2007, the domain gave a Bad Gateway message, and in June, it shows a page that just says ‘Site not configured’ so this has probably gone dead.

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]


Price: Free (GPL)  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2007-02-04

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