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'''Price''': $9 - $23 / user / month (there are 3 service levels and volume discounts apply)  |  '''Status''': Historical (defunct)  |  '''Date added''': 2008-07-06  
'''Price''': $9 - $23 / user / month (there are 3 service levels and volume discounts apply)  |  '''Status''': Historical (defunct)  |  '''Date added''': 2008-07-06  
[[Category:Historical (defunct)]] [[Category:concept maps]] [[Category:historical (defunct)]] [[Category:mind maps]] [[Category:OS: browser based]] [[Category:OS: Mac]] [[Category:OS: Windows]]
[[Category:Historical (defunct)]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:concept maps]] [[Category:historical (defunct)]] [[Category:mind maps]] [[Category:OS: browser based]] [[Category:OS: Mac]] [[Category:OS: Windows]]

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(Goes with Mind Manager)

Company / Author[edit]


What they say[edit]

“Co-editing of Maps

Collaborate easily on maps that support simultaneous, independent editing by multiple users within a workspace.

Instant Meeting

Experience true virtual collaboration through the integration of web conferencing and white boarding sessions.


Get real-time answers with integrated instant messaging services.

E-mail Integration

Alert team members to workspaces, topics, documents or instant meetings with integrated e-mail.

Collaborative WorkspacesSecure Workspaces

Create new workspaces when you need them, for new projects, new teams and new clients. Then tailor your workspaces with access controls for invited members, locking and versioning of documents.

Personal Workspace

Create a personal place to store your own maps, files and other information without inviting other members to join that workspace.

Workspace Owners

Create workspaces tailored to your business if you are a user with workspace creation rights. Invite members and assign discretionary access levels.

Workspace Members

Workspace members are select users invited to a workspace. Members are assigned access levels upon invitation by the workspace owner.

Workspace Notes

Keep everyone on the same page with workspace descriptions that add context and clarify goals.

Share Documents Across Workspaces

Avoid costly rework by linking maps and documents to other workspaces ensuring that only the most current version is accessed at all times.

Workspace Maps and Files

Collaborate with your workspace members using maps that support co-creating and editing by multiple users. Workspaces can also store all types of files such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and others.

Access Levels

Collaborate confidently, knowing that workspace members can be given one of three access levels once invited to the workspace: Owner, Author or Reader.

Version History

Innovate freely, because Mindjet Connect allows you to create a snapshot of maps and documents and saves every version.

Check Out / Check In

Keep collaborators from overwriting each others’ work by “checking out” documents and files so that they can be changed safely. Check In versions and publishes documents.

Document Locking

Workspace owners can prevent members from editing documents by locking documents in a workspace.

Sort and Tag Files

Find the right workspace, map or document right away by tagging your most frequently used and hiding others.

Client Options

MindManager Web (BETA)

Experience online real-time co-editing of maps, web conferencing and secure workspaces with no download or installation requirements anytime or anywhere – all within a standard web browser.

MindManager Pro

Experience the feature rich desktop client that includes shared workspaces, co-editing of visual maps, web conferencing technology and the ability to work off-line.

Account Management

Manage Connections

Connect to your workspaces whenever and wherever you need to, with the ability to manage separate, per-account connection settings.

Account Owners

Manage workspaces across your organization with tools exclusively for the account owner. Invite or remove users and control access globally within an intuitive interface.


Interact as widely as you wish by inviting account users by simply using an e-mail address. Users have access only to workspaces they are invited to join, and can be granted the power to create their own workspaces.”


Web-based mindmapping using MindManager, with added whiteboard capabilities.

How users interact with Catalyst. You can use : The full desktop product; Firefox; Safari (Mac); IE to access and edit mind maps hosted on the Connect server.

On price the range for the standard package is:

1-9 users, $11.99/user/month on a month by month basis (less if you commit to a year).

50-99 users, $8.99/user/month for a 1-yr contract. There are more capable, and therefore more expensive packages.

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]

browser based | Mac | Windows

Price: $9 – $23 / user / month (there are 3 service levels and volume discounts apply)  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2008-07-06