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'''Price''': Free open source  |  '''Status''': Historical  |  '''Date added''': 2009-02-14  
'''Price''': Free open source  |  '''Status''': Historical  |  '''Date added''': 2009-02-14  
[[Category:Historical]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:ontologies]] [[Category:OS: Any supporting Java]]
[[Category:Historical]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:ontologies]] [[Category:OS: Any supporting Java]] [[Category:Open source]]

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Company / Author[edit]

Chris Callendar (University of Victoria)


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What they say[edit]

“Jambalaya is a plug-in for Protégé that uses SHriMP to visualize ontologies. Protégé is an ontology editor and a knowledge-base editor developed at Stanford University, which allows domain experts to build knowledge-based systems by creating and modifying reusable ontologies and problem-solving methods.”

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]

Any supporting Java

Price: Free open source  |  Status: Historical  |  Date added: 2009-02-14