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Browser based----
Browser based----
'''Price''': Free  |  '''Status''': Historical (defunct)  |  '''Date added''': 2009-03-29  
'''Price''': Free  |  '''Status''': Historical (defunct)  |  '''Date added''': 2009-03-29  
[[Category:Historical (defunct)]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:knowledge management]] [[Category:OS: browser based]]
[[Category:Historical (defunct)]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:knowledge management]] [[Category:OS: Browser based]]

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Company / Author[edit]

Ralf von Grafenstein; Dr. Martin C. Hirsch


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What they say[edit]

“The semantic net, which you explore with more eyePlorer, has now been extended to over 50 million facts. The tools for navigation are now provided under eyeMap.”


Requires Flash.

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]

Browser based—— Price: Free  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2009-03-29