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'''Price''': Free  |  '''Status''': Current  |  '''Date added''': 2007-10-25  
'''Price''': Free  |  '''Status''': Current  |  '''Date added''': 2007-10-25  
[[Category:Current]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:argument maps]] [[Category:OS: Linux]] [[Category:OS: Mac]] [[Category:OS: network enabled]] [[Category:OS: Windows]] [[Category:Multi maps 1 page]] [[Category:Style-Box&Line]] [[Category:All-manual layout]] [[Category:Export image formats]] [[Category:Has portable version]]
[[Category:Current]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:argument maps]] [[Category:OS: Linux]] [[Category:OS: Mac]] [[Category:OS: network enabled]] [[Category:OS: Windows]] [[Category:Multi maps 1 page]] [[Category:Style-Box&Line]] [[Category:Layout manual only]] [[Category:Export image formats]] [[Category:Has portable version]]

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Company / Author[edit]

David Schneider and ‘Fink-Nottle’


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What they say[edit]

“Argunet is the free, open-source, cross-platform suite for collaborative argument reconstruction and visualisation.

With Argunet you can create argument maps of complex debates and argumentations. For teamwork, you can create your own project on the Argunet Server.”


Argunet Navigator is here http://www.denkartist.de/argunet/

The user group is here:


[I see Mr Fink-Nottle had a hand in this – pull the other one Bertie old chap!]

Their website[edit]


Operating System(s)[edit]

Linux | Mac | network enabled | Windows

Price: Free  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2007-10-25