iThink – and I’m sure you do!

New at iThink.


This is a high-end business process-modelling tool.  It allows business scenarios to be played out in simulation before disaster hits – provided that is, you can predict  suitable dynamic variables to model.  What does that mean?

Well here’s an example they give: “What if you radically increased sales and marketing efforts without adding network bandwidth? Website hits and download demands would go up (good), networks would go down (bad).  iThink helps you identify key leverage points for improving business performance without losing sight of unintended consequences.”

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t come after them for that “i‘ prefix!


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New mind mapping software: Consideo, Semantik & Xebece

New: Consideo Modeler is a simulation package with a mind-mapping front end as one of its interfaces.  It is costly, but simulation software never comes cheap.


New: Semantik is a mindmapper that is currently under development as a replacement for Kdissert.  It can be downloaded now, and can already read Kdissert files.


New: Xebece uses the hyperbolic maps model to solve the problem of too much information on one page.  This software was previously known as Celientra and Ontographics before that.  Its author certainly has a way with names – I prefer Celientra, myself because I can think of about five ways that Xebece might be pronounced.


Well, that’s it – the new entries on for the weekend.