More Power to your mind maps

Project and to-do list management are related and major categories of use for mind maps in business.  This has resulted in a healthy market in add-ins for popular mind mapping software.

MindManager was first to add project management data attributes, and several add-in companies have exploited the data to make our lives easier when we track our daily tasks and projects.

Nick Duffill is an old hand in this field but recently he came out with a new add in: Power Markers.

Power Markers

This is an add in to pull lists from MindManager maps automatically, and the lists are based on specified criteria.  So you get the best of both worlds – the freedom of mind maps and the quick view of a filtered list.  But there’s more to it than that, because “markers” may give the impression of something that you add to show, say, the importance of a task or node, but “power” in the name comes from the fact that these markers constantly check against targets and provide dynamically-changing colour indications on your MindManager map of where urgent attention is needed: For example, a task that is past due, or one where attention is required because it is due soon.

As the days pass, you will see other branches on your mind maps change colour.

The lists:  Well, off at the side, you’ll find a new tab “Hot Lists” with the Power Markers-generated list, and that also changes day by day, and as you mark tasks complete, or perhaps change dates.

This looks like a valuable addition to the range of productivity add-ins for MindManager.


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Cohere, Headspace, iThoughts, Jambalaya, Lovely Charts, ThinkDigits, TPAssist, Webspiration

It’s been a month since the last update to, and the list of items to add has built up more sharply than usual so I decided it was time to clear the decks.  Apart from anything else, iPhone is keeping mindmappers busy with low-cost software to play with and there’s a new and imaginative application appearing every few days it seems.

Cohere is a browser based collaborative visual thinking tool that allows many users to develop discussions and arguments on line and has more than a hint of concept maps about it.

This iPhone application occupies the space partway between a 3D outliner and a mind mapper.

This is an impressive attempt to bring mind mapping to the screen of the iPhone.  

I have successfully imported large FreeMind maps to iThoughts.  With such a tiny screen, a large map is hard to make use of, but that can’t be blamed on iThoughts.

Jambalaya is a plug-in for Protégé that allows domain experts to building knowledge-based systems to visualize ontologies.

Lovely Charts
A free basic diagrammer that works in your browser and has subscription-based collaboration options.

This is a fascinating fusion of information mapping and calculation.  Numbers in a calculator are normally pure abstraction, and this gives them real world context.  True creativity.

TPassist is an add on for MindManager aimed at enhancing time, task and project management using mind maps.

This web based version of Inspiration is now in public Beta, and free for now.

To see all the latest additions, just follow this link to additions to since 14th February 2009.

Vic Gee
The master list of mind mapping &
information management software


New and upgraded mind-mapping products

New on this week are three map-related tools: C-TOOLS, CharTr and Mind2Chart.  And two that have been updated – VUE and MindVisualizer.


C-TOOLS is a server / web based combination for making concept maps in an educational environment.  It even has an automated mark-students’-work-as-you-go capability.



It’s early in the life of this project but it is making progress.



Not a mind mapping product, but an add-on for MindJet’s MindManager that can produce Gantt charts from a mind map with project management data included.



MindVisualizer has been upgraded with multi-centred mind maps, and the association descriptions needed for proper concept maps.  Well worth a look.



 I have been hoping for screenshots from VUE and now I’ve found some on the site.  VUE recently became VUE 2.0, by the way.  Aimed at education, this has interesting possibilities for presentations.


That’s it for this week.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software