Mapping Tweets with … jsPlumb

One of today’s additions to Mind-Mapping.Org is a web site, the other a tool for web builders.  And the first is built with the second.


Key a search term into TweetPlumb and it will pull out recent tweets that match the term, analyse them, and show you how they are connected with extracted terms and Tweeple.

See it on line here and try it with your own search terms.


jsPlumb is a development component that allows the construction of visual networks from dynamic, on-line information, in a browser window.  In other words, it is for web developers, not a stand alone program.

You’ve seen it in action in a real application already above.  There is a demo you can try, showing several different uses and one you can change on line yourself.

This is for web developers, it is not a stand alone program. TwitterPlumb is available for you to explore now though.


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New cKM, NodeXL and Twiddla

Three new items at this week: cKM, NodeXL and Twiddla

Collaborative Knowledge Management (cKM)

cKM is a concept mapper that works in Second Life.  It is aimed at enterprises engaged in collaborative knowledge creation.  Its price places it well out of the reach of the casual user, but it is not hard to see that it could be valuable in the hands of a creative far-flung team.


NodeXL is a freebie from Microsoft Research that allows datapoints in an Excel spreadsheet to be displayed as a network.

(Click the image to see it full size – it’s worth a look)


Twiddla is a whiteboard collaborative platform – web based and graphical with support for uploading documents, shape drawing, email and, of course, chat.

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