iThink – and I’m sure you do!

New at iThink.


This is a high-end business process-modelling tool.  It allows business scenarios to be played out in simulation before disaster hits – provided that is, you can predict  suitable dynamic variables to model.  What does that mean?

Well here’s an example they give: “What if you radically increased sales and marketing efforts without adding network bandwidth? Website hits and download demands would go up (good), networks would go down (bad).  iThink helps you identify key leverage points for improving business performance without losing sight of unintended consequences.”

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t come after them for that “i‘ prefix!


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WebSequenceDiagrams and Scribblar

These are two new web-based applications I’ve found recently and just added to

Web Sequence Diagrams

If you use UML Sequence Diagrams, this very easy to use browser-based application makes it really easy to make a diagram from plain text.  You can download the diagram, or share a link to it, and even share a link to the page from which the diagram was made.  There, others can modify your text to amend the diagram, so it supports collaborative development of sequence diagrams, though access would have to be sequential, not simultaneous.

So, I made an example:

Here’s the text that made that:

note right of OrderTakingOnline: adds prices, calculates invoice amount
note right of SalesDept: verifies stock, Customer status
note right of SalesDept:Sends to Accounts
note right of FulfilmentDept:Requisitions Goods
note left of Stores:Issue Goods
note left of Billing: Raise Invoice/Packing List
Billing-->FulfilmentDept:Invoice/Packing List
FulfilmentDept->Customer:Goods/Invoice/Packing List
note left of FulfilmentDept:Dispatch Shipment
note right of Customer:(continues with payment, etc.)

Here’s the page for that and here’s the link to the image above at the site.

You could even use it for a rather limited form of swim-lane diagram


This collaborative whiteboard application supports real-time, multi-user access not only allowing sharing and development of diagrams together, but also image up- and download, text chat and live audio.

Scribblar is free unless you want to have it on your own web site.


Please subscribe to the RSS feed for regular posts and
follow me on
Twitter for in-between items about visual tools you never knew existed.