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Here’s the latest on updates:

A Mac mind mapper with an elegant and flexible organic appearance.


Makes a graphical “network” representation of your visited article pages on Wikipedia. A node represents an article, a connection between two nodes shows your ‘pathway’ from one to the other. You can save these networks.


Not to be confused with Wikimindmap which produces a mind map from a specified Wikipedia page.

Thinking Space
Android mind mapping app.  Minimal information, no screenshots. 

Another left-to-right mapper, like Co-mapping and Meadmap.  As with those, I see this as more a graphical outliner than a mind mapper.


FreeMind-compatible iPhone mind mapping application.


Here’s another of those ‘not to be confused with’ iems: ThinkingMap is not connected to ‘Thinking Maps‘, a high-end educational tool.

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Vic Gee
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Google Wonder wheel, iFreeMind, Mind Map Memo, MindMap Navigator

New at this week:

Google Wonder wheel
Shows search-result topics as a simple information map, with the usual detailed search results alongside.  To use it, search on your chosen term. Just above the results (and probably ads), you’ll see a link + Show options…  Click on that and select Wonder wheel from the list on the left hand side.  Click on the text on the wheel’s spokes to expand the visual presentation in that direction.


Neat iPhone software for working with FreeMind files. Can create them too.  Serious challenger to other iPhone mind mappers.  Already blogged about this so I won’t repeat the picture, but it only just found its way into the Master List.  Disappointingly, this app has not been updated for nearly six months.

Mind Map Memo   
A mind map editor for the Android phone.


MindMap Navigator
Not stand-alone mind mapping software, but an add-on for Mindjet’s MindManager, aimed at simplifying visibility and navigation when working with big maps.



Finally, in other news, I just noticed that Mapul has changed its name.  Now it’s called MAPMyself.  Can’t think why, but at least they kept the domain.

I’ve been catching up with my to do list, and hope to post a few more entries soon.  Watch this space.  Or grab the RSS feed (hope that works – pls tell me if it doesn’t).

Vic Gee
The master list of mind mapping &
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iFreeMind – yet another iPhone app, and this one is serious!

A serious challenger to existing iPhone mind mapping apps swam into my view today: iFreeMind.

The site says “iFreeMind is a native software on iPhone for reading, showing and modifing the files created by FreeMind, and also for creating, writing the FreeMind compatible format files.”

This appears to hold an impressive hand of FreeMind capabilities and sets the bar for other iPhone apps to beat: Icons; detailed colour control; built in help (press a button an keep it pressed to see what it does); import from and export to PCs and Macs; and portrait and landscape modes.


The sample map suggests that nodes can contain followable links, but I think they imported a FreeMind mind map that makes the claim for FreeMind itself (it does have this capability) but as far as I can see, iFreeMind does not have it yet.

There’s a blog (probably the software developer’s) that gives a potted help file.

Update: There is a free, read-only iPhone app from the same author call FreeMindLite.  You will need to create your maps on a PC or Mac, and can then import them.

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ThinkingMap – another iPhone app


A new mind mapping application for the iPhone (OS 3.0 required) has just appeared.

It’s a FreeMind look-alike and boasts compatibility with FreeMind files. To an extent that’s true: I can make a mind map and export it via email to a PC and open it in FreeMind.

$2.99 won’t buy a lot of software, of course, but this one is very limited.  Central node, branches out, all one colour, and that’s about it.  No import capability, no association lines, no colour or styles.

It’s likely they will update with greater capabilities soon.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software


iPhone / iPod Touch mind mapping software

In the big-screen world of computers there is a seemingly endless supply of developers keen to give us mind mapping software.  Are we going to see a repeat on the iPhone and iPod Touch?

A few days ago there was MindMaker (US$5) – the first contender.  It has some way to go, but does show promise and they have a roadmap.  Its most obvious limitation is that it does not provide a landscape view when the device (mine’s an iPod Touch) is rotated. 


Now there’s iBlueSky (US$8) – to my eye a more stylish entrant, and one that already offers portrait mode. 


Not quite mind mapping software, but capable of making hand-drawn maps is Zeptopad (US$10).  They even choose a hand made mind map as their screenshot illustration (but I don’t think it would come very high in the hand made mind maps survey that the Mindmaps Directory people have going on):


And there I was thinking I’d have a quiet week…. 

Vic Gee
The master list of mind mapping &
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