Seminal papers

Underlying theory of Concept MapsConcept maps have strong academic roots.  Here are four important scholarly papers by Joseph D. Novak and Alberto J. Cañas about their construction and theory.

An overview of concept mappingEric Plotnick’s 1997 article from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology Syracuse NY.

Concept maps and web researchAs I research – I build a map. As I map – I realise new areas that need research. So for me, web research and concept maps are a natural fit.  These papers variously by Arguedas, Cañas, Carnot, Carvalho, Dunn, Eskridge, Gram, Leake, Maguitman, Muldoon and Reichherzer have helped me to understand why, and see other possibilities.

Semantic networksThis article by John F. Sowa, originally written for the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, describes the broad term “Semantic network”. 

Visual representation of knowledgeSigmar-Olaf Tergan is an academic leader in the field, and here are links to some of his articles on the visual representation of knowledge.

Assessment by concept mapDo concept maps offer one way of judging students’ knowledge structure? This  discusses the nature of knowledge, and the difficulty in measuring achievement in the three types of domain knowledge.

Knowledge mapping for communitiesSimon Buckingham Shum and Alexandra Okada make a case in this interesting slideshow for a move away from text towards knowledge or mind mapping presentation in a knowledge community. Their objective is to change cognition, no less.


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