A call to mind mapping software publishers [Updated]

Many users of mind mapping software use it for project management (amongst other things).

Some mind mapping software has the ability to record task information, like start date, due date, estimated working time to complete, dependencies and percent complete.

In addition, some packages can give alerts on approaching or past due dates, make Gantt charts, and export data to Microsoft Project and Outlook.

Gantt chart for project planning and management

These are the mind mapping applications (and add-ins) I know of  that support Gantt charts:

  1. ConceptDraw MINDMAPS (Project version) and Office,
  2. DropMind (task info, no Gantt charts, but can export to MS Project).
  3. FreeMind (attributes can hold task info, no Gantt charts, but can export to TaskJuggler). [Update 28 Aug 2011]
  4. Freeplane (attributes can hold task info, no Gantt charts, but can export to TaskJuggler). [Update 28 Aug 2011]
  5. iMindMap4,
  6. MindGenius,
  7. MindManager,
  8. mind2chart (with MindManager),
  9. MindMapper,
  10. MindPlan (with Lotus Notes),
  11. Xmind Pro,
  12. MindView,

I have six questions to the publishers of mind mapping software (please reply in comments here or email from the “Send us an Email” link on the right):

  1. Can any software that stores task data, export it in a form that can be read by OpenProj? OpenProj is an open source package claiming to be a substitute for MS Project.
  2. Is there any software, other than those I have mentioned, that allows task data to be stored?
    I am aware that FreeMind and Freeplane can store attributes of the user’s choosing against a node, and could be adapted to do this, but for the purpose of this exercise, I am looking for software that is specifically designed to store project task information immediately on installation.
  3. If so, can it make Gantt charts?
  4. Can it export to Microsoft Project?
  5. Can it export to Outlook?
  6. Are there any errors in the list above?

[Update 1.  1 April 2011 (not an April Fool’s update)
Andrew Wilcox has pointed out that iMindMap4 has task info and a Gantt chart view.  Thanks Andrew.  I should have caught that, as my image above includes iMindMap5.  Now I’ve added it to the list.]
[Update 2.  1 April 2011   Questions extended.]
[Update 3.  28 August 2011   FreeMind and Freeplane export to TaskJuggler added.]


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GoalEnforcer added

I’ve just added GoalEnforcer to mind-mapping.org.  This is a project management product that uses a diagram like a 2-level mind map.  Nodes can have start and finish dates and show percentage completed.

Unlike a mind map, the node that starts in the centre doesn’t have to stay there.  You can step around the map and reveal information that was previously hidden, but you’re always limited to the one you have chosen to be the central node and the ones immediately around it.

In addition to the diagramming function, there are added-cost options that give you reporting and other capabilities.


Updated:  Link fixed, thanks to Maureen…