ThinkComposer from Instrumind – a comprehensive visual tool

Oct 22nd, 2013 | By
ThinkComposer from Instrumind –  a comprehensive visual tool

Phew! This has been a looong task, working through ThinkComposer, a tool with many blades, compartments, pockets, drawers and attachments.  At last, after helpful exchanges with its designer at Instrumind, it’s up on Mind-Mapping.Org. This is an interesting product in many ways.  It can produce a wide range of diagram types and visual models immediately after installation, it allows users to specify new diagram types, and it even has the capability to generate code when that
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A call to mind mapping software publishers [Updated]

Mar 30th, 2011 | By
A call to mind mapping software publishers  [Updated]

Many users of mind mapping software use it for project management (amongst other things). Some mind mapping software has the ability to record task information, like start date, due date, estimated working time to complete, dependencies and percent complete. In addition, some packages can give alerts on approaching or past due dates, make Gantt charts, and export data to Microsoft Project and Outlook. These are the mind mapping applications (and
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WebSequenceDiagrams and Scribblar

May 6th, 2010 | By
WebSequenceDiagrams and Scribblar

These are two new web-based applications I’ve found recently and just added to Web Sequence Diagrams If you use UML Sequence Diagrams, this very easy to use browser-based application makes it really easy to make a diagram from plain text.  You can download the diagram, or share a link to it, and even share a link to the page from which the diagram was made.  There, others can modify
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GoalEnforcer added

Jun 20th, 2007 | By

I’ve just added GoalEnforcer to  This is a project management product that uses a diagram like a 2-level mind map.  Nodes can have start and finish dates and show percentage completed. Unlike a mind map, the node that starts in the centre doesn’t have to stay there.  You can step around the map and reveal information that was previously hidden, but you’re always limited to the one you have chosen
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