Coggle It!

All right … down to business with my first post about mapping software just added to Mind-Mapping.Org.

Coggle is a browser-based mind-mapping application that supports simultaneous, multi-user editing, with a facility for chat among users online.  It has an organic appearance and allows nodes to be positioned manually without the program jumping in and reformatting the map when you release a dragged node. This is one of its most useful points – some other mind mapping programs give this freedom but, annoyingly, most do not.


If you want control of the appearance of text, you can use Markdown.  Nodes can have web links and images attached.  And – a bit of a specialist capability – it also supports LaTeX for mathematical notation.

Coggle can make a new map from an existing FreeMind (.mm) file, when it will retain the basic structure and any colors in the FreeMind map, but not much else.  There is no map export function at present, though the authors suggest that one may be added. You can take away a picture of your map though, downloading it as a PDF file or a PNG image and you can embed a map in a web page.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Coggle is that there is a hidden help area.  Once you have signed in and opened a map page, you’ll see that there is a very (very) faint gray bar down the left edge of the window. Click on that, and a narrow information panel appears with a guide to basic operation.

There’s more about Coggle in the Master List.

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The handover gets under way

Since I took Mind-Mapping.Org under my wing, I’ve been freshening the front page design a little…

The Master List

… learning how the code is put together, tidying some inner pages and getting familiar with the database of mapping & other visual software.

Then I started looking through my and Vic’s lists of new software to add, found over a hundred (oof!) and mapped them by category. I tweeted an earlier version of this a couple of days ago, but this is where we are now:

Additions to MMO-s
Soooo … there’s a lot to do. But I’m mighty pleased to have found more interesting software for mapping, diagramming and all your other visually-based activities.

Stay tuned.

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