Web apps for making mind maps and diagrams

The overview of browser-based apps on mind-mapping.org was made years ago.   This was back in the days  when this type of web app was first gaining traction.  Then, the idea that we could just open a browser on a Windows PC or Mac, no matter which, and start mapping or making a diagram was new and exciting.

Now, this is routine, and many of those listed have since died but many more have appeared, some of them well worth a look.  So the overview has been totally rebuilt and brought up to date.

Web apps for mind mapping and making diagrams

There are four pages: The visual above giving a quick overview of what’s free and what is available on subscription, a quick summary, a detailed look at prices, and an indication of import and export capabilities with files formats used by MindManager and FreeMind. In the grids, I’ve highlighted in green the ones that you can use with little or no restriction for free.


  1. Graphical overview.
  2. Summary – mainly what you get for free, and subscription details.
  3. Details – Notes and subscription details; Import and Export capabilities; Publication/Sharing; Platform.
  4. Interchange with popular file formats.

These range from easy-to-use and good for a quick thinking session, to extensive and valuable for a sophisticated task.  Some are box-oriented and business-like, others organic and creative.  Even the free ones are not toys – you can get things done with them.

If you find any errors, please let me know.  There’s an email link in the right-hand column.

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