What’s dead? What’s moved?

I’ve done some more tidying on Mind-Mapping.Org.

Wallace Tait (@visualmapper of visualmapper.org fame) put out a question on Twitter about the fate of one of the earliest tools for mind mapping on a computer: VisiMap.  I replied with what the Master List showed and it gave me the idea that I should go through to see which mapping products had turned to dust since Vic last checked. Turns out there are quite a few.

After clicking through links to 302 entries that were not marked as ‘historical’, I found that 36 visual thinking tools have gone from the web so I’ve marked them as defunct.  And I found 19 that had moved or changed their name so I updated their records.

Vic’s approach, which I’m going to run with, was to mark as ‘historical’ any software that was still available (through one of the miriad software download sites, for example) but was no longer supported. Software that was no longer traceable for download or on-line use are marked as ‘historical (defunct)’. These are kept just as a matter of interest, and for the record.


By default, both historical types don’t appear in the Master List, but you can elect to have them included by a checkbox in the ‘Refine software list’ tab (top right on Master List pages). And if you search for a product by name, it will show up whether it’s current or historical.

I’ll have to check the historical ones to see which have gone defunct, as well.  Ah well, another day!

Oh, and I also went through WikIT’s list of free mapping software and took out the dead ones.  I have many to add as well, but I’m focusing more on the Master List at present.

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