Mindmap your notebooks in Evernote with Mohiomap

Next in the series of posts about visual content delivery tools reviews Mohiomap.  I have just added that to Mind-Mapping.Org.


If you use Evernote, I think you’ll like this.  It can take your on-line Evernote database and quickly build a mind map of the notebooks, reflecting the way you’ve organized them. Then you can penetrate to the individual items.

Myself, I’m frustrated that Evernote doggedly sticks to the two-level folders way of organizing notebooks.  Until that improves, I guess many mind mappers will be similarly frustrated.  But at least Mohiomap can take the structure of the notebooks within notebooks and set it out visually in a map.

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This is another force-directed map where you can drag nodes around and it will adjust, but it allows you to pin nodes in place to take control of the layout.  Using an option that appears when you hover the cursor over a node, you can choose to explode the node to see the individual notes contained in the notebook it represents.  Again these are mapped, this time against nodes indicating the month when you saved the item.  For individual notes, you can preview them down the left side of the screen, or open the link in a new browser window.


There’s an on-screen zoom control – the mouse wheel does this as well – and a control to center the map on a chosen topic (notebook), and expand it to show its notes, with or without related topics showing.  There’s also a control to filter by age of note – you can filter out the old topics, if looking for something you added recently, say.

If you keep confidential material in Evernote (and I wouldn’t – it’s in the Cloud and not encrypted with a password known only to you), you wouldn’t want to give Mohiomap access to your Evernote database.  But if like me you use it as a place to keep odds and ends you’ve found on the Web, this won’t be a problem.

Mohiomap does not work in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.

This is an attractive and practical way of navigating your Evernote database . . . visually.  See it here in the Master List.

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