LucidChart appears on a new platform

LucidChart has been in for more than three years – it was first mentioned in this blog by Vic back in May 2010 and is one of the 15 free visual products I included in my (also free) eBook.  Now, LucidChart have released a new version for the iPad.

Lucidchart is a useful free diagrammer – not that great for mind mapping (that’s not what it’s intended for as you’ll see below) but very useful for the ‘drag and drop’ type of diagram made popular by software like Visio, Gliffy,, DrawAnywhere and Creately.


The new iPad incarnation of LucidChart is free, like the browser-based version.  Running from a PC in a browser, free LucidChart runs out of steam at 60 objects in a diagram.  To add more than that, you need to go premium, but the iPad version doesn’t have that restriction.

LucidChart shines when making flowcharts, wireframes/iOS Mockups, organization charts, network diagrams, Venn diagrams, BPMN for business processes and URL diagrams.

LucidChart for iPad
Click for full-size version

Both in a browser and on the iPad it allows multiple simultaneous users – an unlimited number, they claim.

This is a tool that iPad-owning visual thinkers working in business should grab and try out.

[ Update 12 Sept, 2013: And here’s where to get it : ]

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