InfoRapid Knowledge Portal, a visual content delivery tool

There is a certain class of visual thinking product that takes some textual content that’s on the web, and organizes it as a map, and it’s these we’ll look at today and over the next few posts.  These are categorized as ‘visual content delivery’ in the Master List.


I’ll start with two examples that have appeared in the blog before so you’ll know what I have in mind: WikiMindMap and VisuWords.


WikiMindMap takes a Wikipedia page (in any of 13 languages) and builds a mind map from it.  Vic first blogged about this in 2007, but it’s still up and running and can be useful, especially as you can download a FreeMind file of the map it produces and take it on from there.  VisuWords takes an English word that you specify and, using its own internal dictionary, maps out associated words and how they are connected.  Vic wrote about that in 2008.

New visual content delivery tools

I’m adding seven of these visual content delivery tools to Mind-Mapping.Org and will be blogging about them in the next few posts.  InfoRapid Knowledge Portal is the first.

InfoRapid Knowledge Portal

This pulls information from Wikipedia and presents it in a visually-appealing way, as well as giving extensive textual and image backup to the topics it maps.  It also provides links to related images from Google.  This is a free-to-use, online tool.

Click for full-size image
Click for full-size image

with text

As well as the mind map, Knowledge Portal pulls in supporting text. That often greatly exceeds the space taken by the map, as the example on the right shows. As you can probably guess from that image even though the text is too small to read, keywords appearing in the map are highlighted in the same color in the text.

Unlike WikiMindMap, you cannot download the map produced to develop it further yourself.

You can make your own maps of this type, and they can be based on text you choose or provide, instead of Wikipedia, but that needs a related product: InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder 2.0, and I’ll be writing about that in a later post.

Get more of the details about InfoRapid Knowledge Portal from its entry in the Master List.

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