The Mindmappers’ Forum


I had a work panic last month and regrettably didn’t visit the Mindmappers’ Forum for three weeks.  When I got back, I found it had been taken over by spammers. I’m not sure why, because I was using an anti-spam plugin that had worked well since the beginning.

Anyway, I cleared it up in three stages:

  • First, last month, I deleted all the spam entries,
  • and set moderation on for new member applications.
  • Finally, yesterday, I updated the forum software (it’s the excellent, free Vanilla forum), added more anti-spam stuff.

It’s now back to unmoderated membership and it seems OK now. There was one spam signup but that was automatically halted. Previously I was getting many per day and denying them manually.  Easy enough, but a nuisance.

I’m left with one minor problem.  Rather than manually delete each spam post – one by one – using the forum functions, I went into MySQL and bulk deleted in a couple of tables.  That worked OK, except there’s a list of continuation pages at the foot of the front page, but no content for those pages.  Somewhere (in the database I guess) there’s a note of how many posts there are, and it includes all those spam comments that I deleted.  I can’t find where though.

If you’re familiar with the Vanilla Forum software, and can explain, please add a comment!  Thanks.


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