Diagram.ly is an on-line, browser-based diagram maker.

This may appear to be another on-line diagram maker like DrawAnywhere, LucidChart or LovelyCharts.  But it has an unusual approach: Although browser based, users diagrams can be saved offline.  The Save function makes an XML file that can be saved on the user’s PC.  Then, on the next visit it can be loaded up again.  Diagrams can also be saved as SVG, PBG or JPG files.

Diagram.ly can import Visio files for editing, and that can be useful – though for users already having Visio, it’s not obvious why they would switch to the more limited capabilities of Diagram.ly.

But it does work in a browser on an iPad, and that would be useful, even for those with Visio, if they are away from the office and traveling light.

This on-line app does not support simultaneous editing or even sharing.  To share you would need to save the XML file locally and email it to your collaborators.

It doesn’t have a wide selection of symbols either (see on the right), but it is free and does not restrict its free use by number of maps (1 map for free with Lovely Charts) or number of objects on a map (60 per map with LucidChart unless you pay).


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