The CAM editor project

I received a note from David RR Webber about the CAM editor project on and the support in the new V2.0 for Freemind mind maps.

Looks interesting if your work covers visualization of XML data exchanges.  Here’s a screenshot of what it does –

David says, “Essentially this is for software developers who want to represent their XML information exchanges as mind maps.

“You can take any existing XML or XML Schema – load it into the CAM editor –
and then map it.  Also works for the XML component dictionaries that CAM itself uses for building new information exchanges from.

“Folks can get the CAM editor V2.0 from Sourceforge –

“This project is also being sponsored by Oracle to assist government in
building better information exchanges – so cool to see collaboration between OSS and commercial to provide better services to citizens.

“Original work on CAM editor was undertaken by BT plc UK BTW.”


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