Win a copy of iMindMap 5 Ultimate [closed]

Update: Competition now closed. Vic is analyzing the excellent suggestions, deciding
what is most practical and preparing a post with the results and winners.

Add a comment here answering the following two questions about and you might win one of the five licences for iMindMap 5 Ultimate that I have to give away:

  1. Which is the most useful part of to you at present?
  2. How could I improve  Focus on which improvement you would most like to see, but feel free to make general suggestions as well.

The five most useful replies, in my judgement, will win a full license for ThinkBuzan’s iMindMap 5 Ultimate.  That is the new, much-enhanced version released earlier this month.  The winner can claim it for themselves, or, if they already have the software, nominate someone else to receive a license. is a personal interest, developing it has been fitted into my spare time since 2006, so suggestions should take that into account.  For example, a proposal that I should post a detailed review of every piece of software here would not be a winner, because it would represent close to a year’s full time work.

In case you don’t know the full extent of, here’s a map – take a look round (click map for larger version):

You can find plenty of links to explore from the front page.

The deadline for submissions will be May 5th 2011 and winners will be announced on May 6th, the one-month anniversary of iMindMap 5’s release.


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18 Replies to “Win a copy of iMindMap 5 Ultimate [closed]”

  1. Hi,

    short info from me:
    I love the quick overview ( screenshots > visual interpretation, description and direct links ) All in 1. That’s what I like very much.

    Some kind of social media group for logged in mappers.
    I mean, I could send question to all software users a question. For example – if I use Topicscape, I could ask all Topicscape users about something.
    For me it would be interesting, because we have a matrix of software users (MindManager, ConceptDraw, Topicscape, etc.). So there could be answered some questions about cooperations (importing/exporting),…

    that’s from me.
    Btw. GREAT library for visualizers 🙂

  2. Hello Vic,

    1. The most useful feature to me at is the constant updates about new analisis of software and its additions to the database

    2. There could be a section of case studies or best practices for the most popular programs used in different context or environments (use of the different programs in project management, use of the programs for simulation, use of the programs for Process Management, use of the programs for creativity – TRIZ- etc)
    This is an excellent blog and led me to discover a lot of useful applications. It would be cool to have success stories.

    Excellent work.

  3. Thank you very much for this opportunity to win a great program :D.

    1. The feature I like most is the box on the upper right, that allow us to find and search all the resources.
    Concerning the content, the features I found most useful were the priceless data basis of articles on map minding and, on the other hand, the Vic’s choices with the clear description of each program.

    2. The kind of features I would like to see developed would be those to help newbies like me.
    – A section with Tutorials (for instance, “how to use your favorite applications to obtain a standard result”) would be appreciate;
    – A rating system for the different programs: there could be some kind of rating system for the different programs, that could somehow take into consideration the skills and knowledge of the readers. For instance, “if you want to do Y the best and easiest program for you to use is X”.
    Categories: newbie; standard; advanced user
    Programs: rate from 1 to 5.

    3. I’m sorry about my terrible English, but it is not my native language 🙁

    But it is really difficult to find suggestions, because the site is truly excellent: well organized, very rich in content, extremely nice and clear presentation. Honestly. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. Question 1:
    I’m first visiting this website to find out more information on mind mapping. Surprisingly I can found most of the mind mapping information at one place especially the articles and mapping history. Thank you for setting up this website as I’m a layman to this. I appreciate it and I’m looking forward to get one of mind mapping product.

    Question 2:
    I wish this website can have a forum whereby all mind mapping users can share out their insights, experiences on mind mapping and how this tool helps in their live. Besides that, the forum actually build up a networking among the mind mapping users.

  5. 1. Vic’s Picks
    2. I have two comments here, my initial comment was the homepage is extremely busy and distracting, so much in so little space makes it difficult to absorb. That was my comment but when I went to comment I came up with another one equally important; having to register an account on your site to make a comment. Ideally a plug-in like Facebook Comments, Disquis, or even not requiring registering would make the barrier to comment on posts considerably smaller.

  6. 1 – Which is the most useful part of to you at present?
    => 3D presentation

    2 – How could I improve Focus on which improvement you would most like to see, but feel free to make general suggestions as well.
    => Easy to use & blow the client

    1. Hi @eadile,

      I’d like to follow up on this
      By “3D presentation” are you referring to the interoperability image here?

      And can you expand on “Easy to use & blow the client”, please? Not sure I understand what you want to be easier to use and what client you’re referring to. Thanks.


  7. Hi
    1. The review of the new mind mapping software is very interesting, i always seeking improved software, particuraly in learning.

    2. I would focus on the education part, seeking more (for example) schools or universitys that uses mind mapping software, but focusing in the cutting edge of these.


  8. ad 1) Having a relevant overview of current visualisation software in the first place & being able to benefit from your experience navigating this broad field.

    ad 2) There’s stuff missing! I’ve recently come across Goalscape and Flying Logic. I find both quite promising and would be interested in your take.


    1. Flying Logic has been in the Master List since 2007. Goalscape is on my ToDo list, like quite a few others, and it deserves to be included. It’s an interesting approach. Too confining for my taste but worthy for certain types of use.


  9. Hi Vic,

    1. The most useful part to me is the front page. Being able to quickly scan the featured posts, news, and recent posts is immensely helpful. The next most-useful part is the list of Current Companies and Software.

    2. Initially, I totally ignored the Master List map because it resembled an advertisement, and my eyes just skipped right over it. You might consider changing the placement on the page, or altering it’s appearance slightly to make it more obvious.

    Love the site. Thanks for your efforts!

  10. Hi Vic,

    Love your favorites and the easy access to the different software programs that are available.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Hi Vic,

    I second your view about Goalscape. – It’s an innovative approach for special uses. Probably not suited for everything, but I’m really looking forward to trying it in depth and finding the killer apps for this tool. 😉

    Sorry I missed Flying Logic on the master list. In that case I’ll add to my recommendation concerning your second question:

    2) Please improve layout and design of the master list including the search/filter forms. Usability and impact of this great resource will benefit greatly (IMHO).


  12. Hi Vic,

    I’m really tired right now, so I’ll keep it short: 😉

    1. I like the software list(s) and that I can refine them to narrow them to the specific problem I’m searching a solution for.

    2. a) Like I said, I like the lists, but I feel that you could improve them in several ways.
    * Have only one list. As it looks to me now there are two different lists, one directly under and one under Vic’s Picks. Entries are entries are duplicated for both locations and are out of sync (e.g. entry for Mindmanager software versions)
    * Display the software names in Vics’s Picks
    * I prefer the layout of Vic’s Picks over the layout, because it’s much cleaner.
    * Include a rating by scope. For example how suitable is the software to be creative, manage projects, learn and study, information management …
    * This could also be used to sort/ filter the lists, e.g. what is the best software to manage my next big project.
    b) Make the layout coherent throughout the site. (I like the layout of the blog best)
    c) Improve site structure/navigation. Currently it’s like having three sites in one, without a clear way to go from one to the other.


  13. Hi Vic

    1 I like the fact that the blog isn’t just about business and project planning. Yes we know that the software in paticular is such a good Project Management tool but that seems to be the only thing some blogs (and indeed some software vendors) seem to address these days. Nice to see other content.

    2. Whilst I like the graphical approach to much of the site (in paticular Vics Pics) it can be quite busy for those of us who access more from Tablet Devices and Mobile phones. I suspect I and many others access much of our daily content via mobile devices these days so a less busy interface for portable devices would be a boon. Incidentally I’m still yet to find a great mindmapping app for a touchscreen device (phone or pad) which is interesting when I would have thought that touch screens would have been the ideal interface for mindmapping.

  14. Sorry but one more observation which I hope might help. When looking at software for Mac I wonder if there is any distinction for how products differ between platforms. Maybe it is down to us users commenting, but I for example think that Mindmanager may be worth the cost on Windows because of its incredible integration with Microsoft products but perhaps not so on the Mac

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