iThoughtsHD update

Thanks to Andrew Wilcox for pointing out to Vick’s Picks that iThoughtsHD, arguably the most significant iPad mind mapper**, has just undergone a significant upgrade.  It now allows images, better formatting and hyperlinking nodes, an improved note view, better performance and other enhancements.

iThoughtsHD still costs less than $10 and a matching update for iThoughts for the iPhone is due out soon.

** I wrote “arguably the most significant iPad mind mapper” because though there are others, many of them very good, iThoughtsHD is the one I see praised most.  iMindMap’s version is also significant, but so is the price differential. MindNode is popular, MindMeister, Mindo and InstaViz all have their place and uses.


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3 Replies to “iThoughtsHD update”

  1. I heartily agree, iThoughtsHD v2 with Image Topics is the best mindmapping tool on the iPad, IMO. It is only one of two products that even uses images from the (Camera Roll) Photo App on the iPad, the other product is Popplet (more context mapping) but Popplet is still beta and experiencing growing pains.

    Another feature enhancement that I have found extremely useful is syncing updates between Dropbox or any WebDAV server and the iThoughtsHD app on the iPad.

    Since adding Topic Images in the latest version of iThoughtsHD, Craig Scott at has given me access to my entire MindMap Library on my iPad. Mobile MindMapping on the iPad with a Library (Repository) of MindMaps in the cloud.

  2. I think that the new iThoughtsHD is the best mindmapping tool for the iPad, without a doubt. This new version brings Topic Images both built-in and from the Photo App (aka Camera Roll) on the iPad. The whole basis for Mind Mapping was images, color and text, but somewhere along the way most of the applications of mind mapping for PCs and Macs alike has been mostly about the text. There are in fact only two mind mapping apps on the ipad that make use of the Images in Topics from the Photo App:

    – iThoughtsHD: Clean, Simple, Full Featured, with Regular enhancements and upgrades. So you add on top of that the ability to import and export from a number of mind map applications, open and sync with Dropbox and WebDAV servers, links to URLs, and include Images in Topics. You have one very useful Mind Mapping tool.

    – Popplet is the other mind mapping or context mapping tool to allow Images as well as a simple drawing tool in the product. It’s Simple, Easy and you can begin working right away, the downside is it is still beta, no ability to import and export (including the web Popplet site).

    I’ve been using both extensively on the iPad for a year now, primarily iThoughtsHD then Popplet when the connection to the online Popplet website went live and now v2 iThoughtsHD is my primary mind mapping tool. What version 2 provided for me was access to my entire Mind Map Library (Mind Manager mostly, but iMindMap and MindMeister as well) by that I mean that any Mind Map where I had images in the Mind Map they easily transfer to the iPad iThoughtsHD. In fact I just transferred my personal Vision Board with over 50 Images to the new version of iThoughtsHD and it came transferred seamlessly. Better still any modifications I make to the map on the iPad can be synced back to the copy on my WebDAV server.

    Vic – IMO – Craig Scott the developer of iThoughtsHD ( continues to do the best job I’ve seen of regular updates and enhancements to an already solid product. I think the more people that try it will love it.

  3. Users of iThoughts HD can now download any of the mind maps within the Biggerplate library directly into iThoughts!

    We rather like this!

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