Top Picks (formerly Vic’s Picks) is here!

[Updated: September 1 2013 when Roy Grubb took over this site from Vic Gee]

Mind-Mapping.Org is the unchallenged leader in completeness of information on software for mind mapping, visual information management and other forms of mapping on the Web.

But the amount of information there may be overwhelming: 97 pages of current products, 3 per page, and 29 pages of historical ones.

So in August 2010, Mind-Mapping.Org introduced a major enhancement: Vic’s Picks.  When Roy Grubb took over, he renamed it: Top Picks. To avoid breaking any links, bookmarks, favorites or shortcuts that users may have saved, the web address has been preserved.

Top Picks is really two things: A place for readers to quickly find what’s significant, and a place for crowdsourcing: Here you can mark your favourite software and comment about your own experience of it in use.

You can browse the screenshots, click the red tab (top right) to see the name and beginning of the description, or click a button to read the remainder.

Rate the software with stars, and make comments about your personal experience with the various applications.

To see the list filtered down to show only one of the broad categories, choose from the red menu bar.

For more detail, pick from the categories drop-down on the right hand side.  They are organized like this:

There’s an added category, Faves, which tells you what Vic uses and likes most.

Please join in, Speak out! and rate your favourite software. Check out Top Picks now.

Vic (updated by Roy)

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