Mind-Map Search Update

MindMapSearch was founded in 2007 and is a sister site of Mind-Mapping.Org. I update it from time to time, but now it has just had a soup-to-nuts review and update.

This, if you haven’t come across it yet, is a categorized source of all the authority mind mapping sites together with a focused mind mapping search engine.

There are so many worthless web pages that claim to deal with mind mapping but have obviously been thrown together to attract clicks to the adverts on the page. They are recognizable, apart from the awful content, because they don’t even include a mind map!

I got fed up with this and set up MindMapSearch to provide search results only from the sites that I know that deal with mind mapping well.  These sites don’t have to be dedicated to mind mapping – some sites have just one page on mind mapping, but if it’s good material, I link to that page, and ensure that Google indexes only that page for results from MindMapSearch.

Sites or pages in MindMapSearch often appear in more than one category . . .

The individual entries in categories are like this . . .

… where the bold-lettered heading links to the main page of the site it refers to. That’s followed by a brief description of the site. Then there is another link – or sometimes several links – in light green. If the site is all about mind mapping, both the heading and the subsidiary links will point to the front page. If the site covers other topics, the second link will point to the pages about mindmapping.

All of these sites are also selected for use in the Google co-op search engine that’s accessed from the search box at the top of every page of the site:

Please make sure your mapping friends know about MindMapSearch.

And if you know of any high quality mind mapping sites that are not included there, do please let me know – see CONTACT on the right.


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