VivaMind – online mapper

VivaMind is a browser-based application for making mind maps (kinda – or bubble charts).

It allows you to add text, video, image and code attachments to nodes.

The control to add images and videos includes a nice little Google / YouTube search box to help locate suitable material.  Each node can also be set up to take you to a web page.

It’s not clear what the code attachments can do, and there is no description of the app at the site.  All it says is “Add code editor/viewer to this node”. Let’s hope it doesn’t have any way to interpret or compile then execute code added to nodes, or it would represent a security threat.  I think it’s unlikely that it does though.

The maps work within a  strict hierarchy – no cross links are possible.

This is not a collaborative mapper, but maps can be made public to share with all, kept private for yourself or be unlisted (which is presumably to allow send a link to selected people).  VivaMind can make HTML for you to embed the map in a web page apparently, but WordPress got huffy and ignored it when I tried in this post.

You can see the map I made here: The Mind-Mapping.Org VivaMind Map This maps out Mind-Mapping.Org, and nodes link into the site.  If you visit, please vote it up!  Thanks.

Look for improvements, VivaMind is a work in progress.


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