The curious case of the absent “Trusted Voices”

I wrote about Mindjet’s inclusion of me as a Trusted Voice in my last post and my abstention, but as I thought about it, I noticed some odd omissions from their list – one of them very odd.

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I edit MindMapSearch – a search engine that focuses on people and sites that provide good information about visual thinking (and keeps the “made for advertising” sites out of the search results).  I have done that for years.  So I think I have a pretty good finger on the pulse of  those who have a “voice and leadership in the mapping community”.   Mindjet have included people on the list all of whom I believe to be good and trustworthy, but imagine my surprise at not finding these names there:

Tony Buzan (@tonybuzan), Gideon King (@gideonking), Roy Grubb (@roygrubb), Wallace Tait (@visualmapper), Paul Foreman (@mindmapdrawer), Eric Blue (@ericblue), ActivityOwner (@activityowner), Michael Tipper (@michaeltipper),  Andrew Mason (@masontech).  All are active and promote mind mapping generally or some specific angle on mapping.

The first three are associated with other mind mapping software so perhaps we can treat “doesn’t in any way reflect the individuals’ allegiance to Mindjet over another mapping solution” with some skepticism.

But just a minute, “highlight those in the mapping community that are dedicated and recognized for championing the concept and values of mind mapping” and “leadership in the mapping community” does not include Tony Buzan?

I don’t know who might and might not feel it appropriate to have a MindJet badge on their blog or website, and its up to them, but it’s hard to understand how the list was drawn up.


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2 Replies to “The curious case of the absent “Trusted Voices””

  1. Vic,

    Thank you for all the feedback you have written on our recently launched Trusted Voice program. This was an initial list of people that in no way meant to slight the others you mentioned. I am very happy that you brought these leaders up, we are always looking to grow this list and recognize champions in the mind mapping community.
    I would love to talk to you more about this and anything else mapping related.


    Garrett Scott

  2. Vic,
    Thanks for including me in your list, I appreciate your consideration.

    Looking at the snapshot of the Mindjet list; you may note the removal of Brian Friedlander. Nothing negative in this removal, it’s just a matter of remaining to be independent, impartial and objective (as much as possible).

    The Trusted Voice initiative is actually an excellent idea for direct resellers and third party developers. Yes it could have been handled a little more easier by connecting with the recipients before the initiative went live.

    Perception is the key to my independence as a consultant and writer; yes I was asked to join and would have been listed within the first group of 14. I respectfully declined; I say respectfully as I have great respect for Mindjet as the leaders within the Visual mapping software development arena.

    I can mention Andrew Wilcox (a leading MJ trainer and writer), Nick Duffill (a leading third party developer and thought leader) and Steve Rothwell ( a notable MJ advocate and consultant) as suitable recipients of the badge; after all they are indeed very visible users and supporters of the product. My apologies to a couple within the list; I don’t know of the depth of your use of MindManager as of yet.

    It certainly defies logic though to have competitor resellers within the list of 14, but Mindjet have stated this is a recognition of whom they believe to have significantly contributed to the Visual mapping arena. This is probably the first time I have witnessed a developer recognize spokespersons and resellers of competing products to be recognized for their contribution to the Visual mapping arena.

    It is just a little inconvenient this has happened at a time just prior to the release of MindManager V9, but this will pass and we’ll all get on with being excited about the imminent release of V9 (I can’t wait).

    All in all Vic, you have expressed what many of us haven’t had the proverbial balls to speak up about.

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs Vic. Regarding the Mindjet Trusted Voice; well let the blessed 14 figure out how they can capitalize on their new found illumination:)

    Wallace Tait: visualmapper &

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