Oldie but goodie

Finally, better late than never, eMindMaps is making its way into Mind-Mapping.Org.


I ran into this only recently, it’s actually a free, old version of MindManager.  Probably version 3 or 3.5 (MindManager is on version 8 as I write).  Mindjet renamed this eMindMaps and released it free.  It is available still on many sites.  By today’s mapping standards, it looks a little … how shall I put it … “quaint”, but it is usable and good for a beginner.

And if you have some really old maps that recent editions of MindManager will not open because the version jump is too great, it might also be useful for you as well.


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3 Replies to “Oldie but goodie”

  1. I still have a copy of it named MindManager Smart. Quaint as it may be, in 2004 it allowed me to enrich a business plan and get the investor’s attention. Currently though, I prefer to show that business plan without the illustrations 🙂

    1. Yes, it takes a careful judgement case by case to decide whether to include a mind map in a business pitch. It’s invaluable to help with thinking about issues to cover, sources of backing information and content of presentation. I’m always cautious about including the map itself, unless I know the recipient of the business plan well, and judge that they are responsive to visual thinking.

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