Here is another on-line application for exploring Wikipedia with mind maps, less well known thanWikiMindMap, perhaps, but doing a good job.


I signed up for this, and it allocated me a generous 0Mb of space for uploading maps, so I conclude that for sharing your own mind maps on-line, this is history, but it does have one operating function.  It can do a creditable job of mapping a topic from a Wikipedia page, pulling the structure from the section headings and levels, much as WikiMindMap does.

Clicking on red arrows next to a magnifying glass icon will cause Mapyourinfo to build a new map based on the word on that branch (again from Wikipedia).  Clicking a red arrow, when it appears on a node alone, just opens the appropriate Wikipedia page.

You can even download the resulting map as a FreeMind .mm file.

WikiMindMap is a little easier to use, but Mapyourinfo gets the job done and looks good.  If you start at its front page, you’ll have to dig to find how to call for a Wikipedia article, so here’s a shortcut: Go here and use the text box at the top left to search for the topic you’re interested in.


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  1. The great advantage of mapyourinfo is allowing intercultural exchange meaning that you can search for a foreign language content in your own language. Say, you can type “innovation” and be searching the chinese wikipedia and still read everything in english.

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