Think and GraphMind


Think is a Free Web App created using HTML5, Django, Google App Engine, and jQuery.  In Think you can create and view mind maps that are called thoughts.

Touted as a mind mapping application, as can be seen from the screenshot, this supports concept mapping structures that depart from mind mapping’s hierarchical form.


GraphMind is a Drupal module (Drupal is a Content Management System).  Notable is the fact that it can import and export FreeMind maps.

I have only found one screenshot, but if this can be taken as a good example, it appears that this is a left-to-right mapper that is closer to being a graphical outliner


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4 Replies to “Think and GraphMind”

  1. It’s great to see that more and more mind mapping tools are entering the market. GraphMind looks great, even though it seems like they have much more opportunities to grasp.

    I find importing/exporting mind maps from/to other mind mapping software very important and useful for users. Following this, Seavus DropMind™ ( allows many opportunities for import and export.:
    Import maps or tasks created with Mindjet® MindManager, XMind, FreeMind, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Project, Microsoft ® Outlook.
    Export your map as PDF Document, Image, Microsoft® Word, Rich Text Document, Microsoft ® PowerPoint, HTML, FreeMind, Mindjet® Mind Manager, , Microsoft® Project, Microsoft® Outlook tasks and XML Document.

    Moreover, the web application offers integration with Basecamp, project management application, and Google Docs, Google Contacts and Google Search.

    All of this functionalities are developed in order to offferusers a well-built solution with many opportunities that will ease their work and save their time. I think that every mind mapping software should utilize more and more import/export options and integration opportunities.

  2. I think the most notable feature of Graphmind is it’s integration with Drupal. It allows you to build queries using Views, Drupal’s query builder of choice, and than pull in data into your mindmap using those queries.

    A lot has happened since May 2010. There are now also video’s available on our blog that show how Graphmind works The first few posts are about DITA, since we are now also using graphmind to build DITA maps, the organizing component in the DITA documentation specification.

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