Mind-mapping.org ‘OS’ category tidying

I recently noticed that the categories for browser based applications were inconsistent in Mind-Mapping.Org – sometimes I’d used “browser based” and sometimes “web based”.

I’ve just tidied that up.  Most are now changed to “browser based”.

A few, like MindManager, Cmap and Xmind now include “network enabled” as one of their categories.  These do not run in a browser.  They are desktop applications (you download and install them on your PC), but they include the capability of hooking up with a server on the Internet for sharing maps.

If I’ve got any of these entries wrong, let me know, please.  (See ‘Send us an email’ in the right-hand column.)

The “browser based” or “network enabled” categories appear under “OS” (Operating System).  A bit loose, but it works best that way, I think.


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