LucidCharts for networks, flowcharts and organisation charts

May 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Mindmapping software

Joining Mind-Mapping.Org is an on-line diagrammer that has been around for a while:


Lucidchart is a collaborative diagram-drawing application.  You run it from your browser and build diagrams with pre-loaded shapes and images, or with your own images that you can upload.  You can share these with others and track who made which changes.

It has several pricing options: Limited free access; $5/month for an individual; or $50/month for groups or businesses (providing 25 accounts).

The $50/month account provides for secure (SSL) connections and sharing images and templates across a team.


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2 Comments to “LucidCharts for networks, flowcharts and organisation charts”

  1. Mind maps says:


    Lucidchart is better than ever and you should really take another look. We just added the ability to expand and collapse different branches of a mind map.

  2. […] has been in for more than three years – it was first mentioned in this blog by Vic back in May 2010 and is one of the 15 free visual products I included in my (also free) […]