Up next: MOT, RTIME, Thinking Space update

New on mind-mapping.org this week: MOT, RTIME and better information about Thinking Space.


MOT is an interesting knowledge-modelling tool.  The MOT acronym means “Modelling using Object Types”. A knowledge model is similar to a concept map, except that it is based on a typology of links and knowledge objects.  There’s a MOTPlus, as well.  I have no pricing information for these yet.


RTIME is a software requirements and development lifecycle tool with a MindJet mind mapping front end.  In fact there are two products: RTIME which connects to on-line service and is aimed at the enterprise and MyRTIME a single user version.


Thinking Space

This went into mind-mapping.org in September with very little information.  Charlie Chilton, its developer, emailed me with details of his new website, so now the entry for this free Android phone mind mapper is more complete.  Just in time for you to get it for your sparkling new Google Nexus One!

There are many more to go folks . . . I’m aiming to catch up over the next few days with all the new stuff that needs to go in the Master List.


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