SimpleDiagrams [updated]

New at the Master List: SimpleDiagrams.

SimpleDiagrams There’s a plethora of diagramming apps – web-based and desktop – I have a couple more waiting to be added.  But SimpleDiagrams is different.  It aims for a neat but definitely hand-drawn look.  It’s written with Adobe Air, so is platform independent, and is a desktop application, unlike most of the newer diagramming apps I’ve seen.  It’s in the early stages of development, and worth keeping an eye on.  Reminds me of the drawings in Dan Roam’s “The Back of the Napkin”.

Finally, I’m playing with‘s MashTabs.  It allows web searching with visual results that you can drag into a sheet and organize by clustering.  Interesting but held back by the fact that to get something onto the page you have to find it with the Middlespot search engine, and the fact that you can’t draw or write on the same sheet (AFAIK).  It does allow clustering, which is good, but I’d like to be able to send a web page, that I found by other means, straight to a MashTab, not have to search for something I already have in a browser.

[updated: 1/1/10] Middlespot tweeted back to me that their tools page has a tool for adding to MashTabs outside the interface.  It works with Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  Doesn’t help me, as I mostly use IE8 but maybe that will be supported later. [/update]

MashTabs can be shared.

More soon.  I was lazy over the holidays and need to catch up.

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