Welcome to the ancient mindmapping-software vaults

Did you know that unless you dig deep, you’re only seeing part of  mind-mapping.org?  If you click through to the link above, for now, you’ll see 284 entries.  Observant readers will see that the top line adds “from a total of 349”.  So what’s with the missing 65?

That’s where all the dead mind mapping and similar software packages go to their final rest.  If you want to see them, go to the “Refine software list” tab, uncheck “Current software” and check “Historical software.”  Then press “Show selected items.”  These historic items are retained in the list partly for completeness (the pack rat in me) but also for any researcher who wants to track the development of mapping software. 

Some are worth knowing about anyway, even now, because they may no longer be supported or sold, but be available for download somewhere.  Cayra is an example.  Others are totally dead because no information is available, the original site has gone, and no download sites have a copy (hello GNletting Mindmap!).

Down to the point of this:  Long ago I heard of software called EGLE Mind Mapper*. From then until last week I had no information about this software. In 2002 I wrote an email, it came back adressee unknown.

Then last week, Dr Dirk Hopper wrote out of the blue and sent me information and even an installer (the licence encourages copying and sharing). At last I was able to see the type of map it produces and include a screenshot. It can be installed on Vista and XP, and works, but I found it to be a little buggy.  That’s not surprising on Vista – it was probably written for Windows 3, or at best 95.

EGLE Mind Mapper

Now my inner nerd is satisfied!  One of the potholes in mind-mapping.org is filled in.

I often get unexpected tips like this and they nearly always make their way into the list eventually.  So do let me know if you know of anything interesting that should be there.

Vic (@VicGee on Twitter)
The master list of mind mapping &
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* This software is not related to ‘MindMapper’ from SimTech Systems.