Libraries of Mind Maps (updated)

Have you noticed the growth of sites featuring libraries of mind maps on the web?  I’ve just published a page collecting information about these.

I’ve has this on my ToDo list for far too long and yesterday I finally put it to bed here: The Mind Map Libraries List.  When I say “finally” I mean until someone points me at another worthy addition to the collection, of course!

It is not limited to mind maps – you’ll find concept maps, spidergrams and all the other map types there.  Many of the mind map software publishers display galleries of sample work from their own products.  Rightly or wrongly, folks, I decided to exclude those.

Update: 24th September 2010.  The libraries list now follows the Vic’s Picks style and theme, and the library has a new search box across the top.  Search for mind maps in the great mind map libraries shown here.


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2 Replies to “Libraries of Mind Maps (updated)”

  1. Hi Eleder,

    As the first known Basque to leave a comment on my blog, welcome!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I considered it, along with other similar ones, but eventually decided not to include software manufacturers’ galleries of work from their own products. I’ve gone for the libraries with breadth of style, map type, source and topic.

    Is there much awareness of mind mapping where you are? There is a strong mind mapping community in France, and some prominent mappers in Spain, but not, as far as I have seen till now from the Basque regions. But as I can manage some French and a little Spanish, but no Basque at all, I would not be able to tell!

    Best wishes,

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