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A new mind mapping application for the iPhone (OS 3.0 required) has just appeared.

It’s a FreeMind look-alike and boasts compatibility with FreeMind files. To an extent that’s true: I can make a mind map and export it via email to a PC and open it in FreeMind.

$2.99 won’t buy a lot of software, of course, but this one is very limited.  Central node, branches out, all one colour, and that’s about it.  No import capability, no association lines, no colour or styles.

It’s likely they will update with greater capabilities soon.

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4 Comments to “ThinkingMap – another iPhone app”

  1. lu wei says:

    Hello, nice to meet you. I’m lu wei, the author of the ThinkingMap.
    Thank you for introduce ThinkingMap and your advice.
    Yes, I’m developing more new functions.
    Newest featues please visit
    I’ll do my best to improve ThinkingMap.

  2. Vic says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new features, Lu Wei!

    Good luck with your iPhone application.