Mind-mapping.org adds Debategraph, Maltego, MindBerry and Prezi

This week on mind-mapping.org, I have added four new visual thinking tools, Debategraph, Maltego, MindBerry and Prezi.


This is a wiki tool that allows public debates to be conducted in a visual environment.



Described as a forensics application for the mining, gathering and representation of information in a meaningful way, this is a flexible development of an application once known as ‘Evolution’.



Mind mapping for the BlackBerry.  AFAIK the sole offering on that phone, compared with at least eight for the iPhone.  Must be cool to have the market to yourself!



Prezi is a beautifully designed and elegant zooming approach to presentations.  Freedom from PowerPoint’s one-screen-after-another at last, offering a fluid flow through the ideas to be exhibited.



The master list of mind mapping &
information management software


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