Welcome Topicscape Pro 2.0 – tags, swinging panels, Oh My!

There is a new version of Topicscape Pro out now – version 2.0 and it’s a major upgrade. 

Long-time followers of this blog will know that I was one of the early beta testers when Topicscape first went public.  I’ve used it ever since as an information organiser and even occasionally for mind mapping.

mmo.org planning

I tried out their new offering and was delighted to find that it has tags.  I’ve long wanted to gather stuff in my Topicscapes in ways that relate to what I’m doing at the time, not only based on how the items are related to one another.  Now, I can have the material I’m collecting for mind-mapping.org organised according to the type of map they make, and tag them in ways like “Next update”, “Waiting for screenshots”, or “Revised entry”.  Great.  Makes it much easier.

There are panels at the side that swing out now, when the cursor passes over them.  A much more direct way of getting at the controls than menus.  And there’s a slightly weird “Halo” menu.  I don’t think I shall be using that – though new users will probably like it.

The price has gone up though – $110.  And all previous updates, from 1.0 to 1.6 have been free, but this one has to be paid for – $30 – unless you bought it since October last year, which I didn’t   🙁


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  1. I should note that the $110 price is actually an “early adopter” promotional one. The Topicscape site gives $149 as the “regular” one. Of course, during economic downturns, promotional prices tend to last quite a while.

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